Revolutionizing IT operations processes

Due to the increasing number and complexity of IT operations processes, increasing efficiency is of great importance. In addition to streamlining existing processes, automation also plays an important role.

One established technology for process automation is robotic process automation (RPA). However, a key weakness of RPA is that it is inflexible and cannot verify its own work.

In reality, however, it is clear that process automation must be able to react to small deviations and, in some cases, verify the correctness of the work performed.

The increasing potential of artificial intelligence can help to solve these challenges.

The new C4D study “Revolutionizing IT operations processes – The potential of merging RPA and AI” provides answers to the following questions:

  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of #RPA and #AI in process automation?
  • Which AI technologies are suitable for process automation?
  • How can combined AI and RPA solutions overcome existing challenges?
  • What criteria need to be considered when introducing RPA and AI solutions? – We have compiled a checklist for this purpose.