Our Mission: Transforming Strategies

    We provide innovations. With a head start.

    We get innovations off the ground.
    We use the dynamic power of progress and the markets. We transform innovation strategies into organizational structures, models and processes that are tailored to the market – giving our customers a competitive edge.


    Consulting4Drive and IAV

    Consulting4Drive is the IAV Group’s consulting company.

    Engineering from IAV is at the heart of vehicles across the globe. As a leading development partner to the automotive industry, the company offers more than 30 years of experience and a range of skills that is second to none. With expertise in the entire vehicle, and the passion to match, IAV provides technically perfected solutions that balance both rational and emotional aspects. Employing over 7,000 members of staff and first-class facilities, IAV assists manufacturers and suppliers in carrying out their projects wherever they are in the world – from concept to start of production.
The combination of automotive engineering and automotive consulting gives special added value to our work.
IAV – Your partner for Automotive Engineering:


    Automotive engineering for the digital age

    CES 2017

    Automotive engineering for the digital age: A myth buster approach to the 24 month engineering process (PEP)