Use individual services – for your business success

You want an external consultant for your strategy, transformation or digitalization project to offer fresh ideas to ensure your success.

You also expect an implementation-oriented result with mature content in the shortest possible time, one that is calculated in a fair and transparent manner. That is exactly what we offer our automotive industry customers with our consulting solutions.

With us, you choose the individual service that you really need depending on your requirements. You always benefit from our deep technical understanding, our lengthy experience within the industry, and our content ideas up to and including pioneering mobility.

Technology strategy development

You need a new technology strategy and want to be one step ahead of your competitors? Then pull all the right levers with us. We use proven methods to assess technology, conduct market potential and competitive analyses, and also to analyze the cost situation and regulatory circumstances. We bring our understanding of technological transformation and the platform economy to bear in this; if necessary, we are backed up in this process by the expert know-how of our parent company, IAV, as a synergistic service package from a single source.

Business model development

To continue to prevail amidst global competition, you have to regularly validate the key factors of your corporate success. We scrutinize your business model in terms of its value proposition, its value-adding architecture, and its revenue model. We also analyze options involving open business models with partners and suppliers in the new development, optimization or transformation process.

Concept creation

Develop your new products, services, organizations or processes successfully from the word go. Our proven consulting services don’t simply involve the development of a concept. Instead, we accompany you from strategy to operational implementation and bring our ideas and experience to bear right from the start.

Process design

You want to eliminate weaknesses in your processes or to practically adapt your processes to the new challenges posed by technological change? Then benefit from the expertise we have acquired in over 600 consulting projects concerning development and compliance processes. We check each process model as regards functional weaknesses and implementation feasibility.

Task force management / program and project management

In the event of short-term bottlenecks and problems, we can support you with our task force management. You can also make use of our problem-solving methods, which have proved themselves time and again, in our hybrid program and project management. We take a classic and agile, iterative approach in this case. Our certified project managers handle all tasks for you and reliably implement entire projects.

Collaboration strategies / cooperation model

OEMs work together with their suppliers on numerous automotive development tasks. These projects and their requirements are becoming increasingly complex. Our approaches, methods, and procedures enable you to meet these challenges. We support OEMs in implementing a collaborative work model and with new ideas during operational delivery.