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Conception and Validation of a Digital Marketplace for Shopping with the Vehicle

The Challenge

An automotive service provider contacted us with the idea of using ADAS vehicles to increase the security of payments (4D Payment). Several solution approaches had previously been developed and rejected again. The concepts failed to withstand the respective stress tests.

The Solution

The key to ultimate success was the consistent customer orientation of the approach and the deferment of profit targets until the final phase in each case. Design thinking methods and agile/iterative approaches were systematically applied to develop the proof-of-concepts and the trade fair exhibits. In total, seed financing, implementation, and MPV development, which took approx. 24 months, were all supported. To do this, we conducted customer surveys and took care of the planning, preparation, and execution of trade fair appearances. consulting4drive also prepared the business case and the financial fact book for investors. This led to a valid business model which was considerably larger and more compelling than the original objective.

The Project

Development of a platform business model


Our Services

  • Holistic concept development
  • Designing and conducting 2 customer surveys
  • Planning and execution of five trade fair appearances to validate the concept

Content Focus

Conception and validation of a digital marketplace for drivers of ADAS vehicles and their families.

Number of Development Partners

4 service providers

Number of Development Partners

Approx. 20

Number of Development Locations


consulting4drive Team Size

3 consultants, 16 engineers, 1 marketing expert

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An automotive service provider contacted consulting4drive with the idea of using ADAS vehicles to increase the security of payments.
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