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Market Development of On-board Electrical System Components for Highly Automated Driving

The Challenge

A well-known automotive supplier is planning to introduce on-board electrical system components for the safety-related requirements of highly automated driving. Prototypes have been developed. Due to the presently unclear framework conditions for introducing autonomous driving functions there is not yet an established market that would enable the reliable technical and profitable positioning of corresponding products.

The Solution

The consulting4drive consultants developed possible market development scenarios for corresponding systems depending on market segments, use cases, and external influencing factors. Possible competitors on the future market were determined and assessed. The technical boundary conditions for implementing the components were assessed for the different use cases together with the customer and IAV developers. A strategy for presenting solutions based on the developed prototypes was formulated to enable flexible adaptation to the range of implementation scenarios. To evaluate profitability, marketing and market entry strategies were drawn up and the manufacturing costs were determined, taking make-or-buy alternatives into account.

The Project

Development of a technical market study

Our Services

  • Evaluation of the market, technology, and competition
  • Technical concept evaluation and implementation-based scalabilty of the product characteristics
  • Development of business cases for different boundary conditions

Content Focus

Technical and economic concept evaluation, market evaluation, and business case

Number of Development Partners

One supplier and IAV as the engineering partner

Number of Project Members

Approx. 16

Number of Development Locations


consulting4drive Team Size

4 consultants

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