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Employee Story: Daniel Grebesich

Daniel Grebesich at consulting4drive

“Automotive engineering has never been as exciting as it is today. If you want to be successful here, you have to look at the bigger picture.”

"The fundamental transformation in the automotive industry is readily apparent everywhere, and researchers and companies are dealing with a number of exciting topics such as electric vehicles, hydrogen vehicles, autonomous driving or new forms of mobility. At consulting4drive, I get exactly what I want: I deal with all of these topics and can talk shop and exchange information with lots of international customers from all over the world.
As consultants at consulting4drive, we bring structure to the variety of technical options. And we get new solutions off to a start.

consulting4drive is unlike the classic strategy consultancies. As automotive industry specialists, we can provide in-depth advice and solve our customer's specific problems. I see the effects of my work directly. And I am also involved in implementing our suggestions.

However, the career possibilities are also important to me in addition to the topics. After joining consulting4drive as a Consultant for Sales and After-Sales in 2011, I was able to set up the new 'Technical Consulting' department as a Senior Consultant; later on, I was actually able to extend our portfolio with 'PMO Plus', of which I am now in charge as the Senior Project Manager."

Daniel comes from Wiesloch in Baden, which not only has a beautiful marketplace that lies 130 m above sea level but also boasts the 'world's first filling station'. Back in 1888, Bertha Benz purchased Ligroin at Wiesloch's drugstore after running out of fuel while driving from Mannheim to Pforzheim. Even now, the Bertha Benz memorial drive from Mannheim to Pforzheim, which takes place every two years on the first weekend in August, traditionally takes a break in front of the drugstore.

Today, the automotive industry is working intensively on developing alternatives to classic combustion engines and fuels – and Daniel is helping to structure this change!