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Project Steering with PMO Plus

Project Steering with PMO Plus

What happens when contradictory approaches encounter one another in a joint project?

For a number of years now, large and major development projects in the automotive industry have been processed 'in time', 'in quality' and 'in budget'. In the majority of these cases, hardware is developed using proven steering methods. The development process and the basic architecture of the interfaces are familiar to all parties, incl. the typical roles and responsibilities in cooperation between the internal organization, suppliers, and service providers, whereas the software is developed in agile form away from classic vehicle product development.

PMO Plus involves the holistic and sustainable support of all stakeholders, hardware, and software, from tailored strategy development and transformation to operational implementation and beyond.

We Provide Specific Answers to the Following Questions:

How can a project be steered efficiently to obtain an SOP?
Which project steering methods help to guarantee the common goals of all stakeholders?
How can guidelines for developing standardized processes be generated?
How quickly can solutions be implemented in the long term?
How can innovative solutions be developed from employees' knowledge?

Our Approach


As consulting4drive and IAV, we are involved in a large number of development projects and have already gone through an intensive learning curve as to how to manage multi-projects in a "hybrid" and thus demand-oriented manner rather than in an agile or classic way. We benefit from a wealth of experience gained from over 600 different national and international projects.


We come with a value proposition - and call it PMO Plus. By this we mean the establishment and support of a Project Management Office (PMO), which not only controls, but also drives forward the technical decisions in the project and the product with content competence. In addition to ensuring project quality, efficiency is also constantly increased. We see ourselves as a partner at eye level for customer-specific solutions and a source of inspiration for optimisation.

Market Understanding

Variations of classic and agile project management methods form the starting point of our proceeding. This range enables us to apply customized methods to achieve the maximum for your success. Sustainable knowledge management and the continuous development of our employees form the foundation of our successful projects.

We Have Already Achieved a Great Deal in These Projects

consulting4drive based on specific examples.

An automotive service provider contacted consulting4drive with the idea of using ADAS vehicles to increase the security of payments.
One vehicle manufacturer is extending its existing portfolio of mobile online services with a new generation.
One automotive supplier wants to validate the introduction of on-board electrical system components for the safety-related requirements of highly automated driving.
A consortium consisting of Siemens, IAV, HHV, and the City of Hamburg wants to pilot flexible local public transport concepts with autonomous shuttle buses for HafenCity.