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New Mobility

New Mobility

How do we resolve mobility in urban conurbations ecologically AND humanely?
How can we effectively and efficiently supply people in rural regions in the future?
Politicians appear to believe that driving individual mobility out of our inner cities in favor of local public transport is a simple solution to the traffic and emissions problems of our modern age. However, towns and cities are only regarded as worth living in if they also enable space for individual needs such as convenience, situation-based flexibility, and willingness to pay in individual cases. This paradigm unites us all, from Hamburg via London, Moscow, Los Angeles, Delhi, and Beijing to Tokyo. This simultaneously raises the question of how rural areas can be kept intact and livable despite further urbanization.

The provision of passenger and freight mobility is a crucial factor in this.

We Provide Specific Answers to the Following Questions:

Are there better solutions than making private transport in cities vastly more expensive and restricting it?
How large is the individual CO2 footprint of mobility?
What mobility infrastructure do we need in cities and in rural areas?
How do I use Car2x, Infrastructure2x, and other networking solutions to make cities more livable?
What budget is required for a transport revolution?
How much may individual mobility cost?

Our Approach


We combine the interdisciplinary experience of our consultants, whom we recruit from a wide range of disciplines and cultures, with the in-depth technical expertise on vehicles, technologies and components of IAV engineers. A change of perspective between engineering and consulting issues is a key concept for us.


To structure this complex mix and entrepreneurial energy into realizable projects, consulting4drive and IAV combine mobility and technology experts in interdisciplinary teams. The key to the solution lies in combining various analysis, creativity and simulation.

Market Understanding

We are currently involved in several large funding and implementation projects. However, in the search for a new effectiveness for inner-city individual transport, not every attempt at a solution is successful - which is why we have identified learning speed as one of the most important success factors for us.

We Have Already Achieved a Great Deal in These Projects

consulting4drive based on specific examples.

An automotive service provider contacted consulting4drive with the idea of using ADAS vehicles to increase the security of payments.
One vehicle manufacturer is extending its existing portfolio of mobile online services with a new generation.
One automotive supplier wants to validate the introduction of on-board electrical system components for the safety-related requirements of highly automated driving.
A consortium consisting of Siemens, IAV, HHV, and the City of Hamburg wants to pilot flexible local public transport concepts with autonomous shuttle buses for HafenCity.