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Digital Business Transformation

Digital Business Transformation

How do we develop new business areas whose business models extensively exploit the levers of the digital revolution and the IoT?
The digital revolution is transforming our society and therefore also the expectations of private consumers and commercial customers at an increasingly faster pace.

So far, solution approaches have often been focused on individual problems or key applications (e.g. apps) in order to keep the complexity of change manageable.

However, the as yet frequently unsolved challenge lies in the multidisciplinary creation of solution systems ('digital solution eco systems') which function according to the understanding of the Internet of Things (IoT). New, integrated business models are arising on the basis of this ecosystem understanding and are replacing the model of individual function business cases.

Which transformation challenges are you currently facing?

We Are Presently Working on the Following Questions:

How do I convince my customers to grant permission to use their data for the safety of the vehicle and the further development of functions?
Can I, as a manufacturer, successfully establish my own ecosystem for customers?
How must my organization be changed to work in a platform-controlled business model?
How do I openly cooperate with external partners without endangering the key aspects of my own added value?
How do I cooperate with competitors and partners without being suspected of breaches of antitrust law?
How do I establish a digital operations factory that continuously evolves, integrates, and delivers all products and services in the vehicles?

Our Approach


We use our understanding, our automotive consulting experience, and our passion from more than 30 years of automotive engineering at IAV as the basis for continuously improving effectiveness and efficiency. This is how we support our customers in systematically evolving their products, processes, and services for future mobility. We help our customers to overcome the challenges arising from the combined energy and transport revolution by means of a holistic, cross-sector analysis and give consideration to the individual mobility needs of users at the same time.


Alongside our methodological expertise in classical consulting, we bring implementation strength and IAV's development experience to every project. With our proven and systematic approach to technology consulting and digital business transformation, we help you to benefit from the market opportunities of a rapidly changing industry through new components, systems and services. As engineers, we think in a technology-open, cross-disciplinary way and combine our knowledge of the automotive industry with our project and practical experience to develop new mobility services and technologies for sustainable success.

Market Understanding

The relevance of data increasingly determines the competitive advantage in the automotive market. We therefore continuously analyze market conditions, changes in customer needs, competitor activities, and technology and solution trends. For the customer, the focus is increasingly on the digital ecosystem of the vehicle. This must be developed with foresight and anchored in the organization. Only then do new vehicles and concepts have the best chance of successfully opening up the market from the very beginning and asserting themselves in competition with old and new players.

We Have Already Achieved a Great Deal in These Projects

consulting4drive based on specific examples.

An automotive service provider contacted consulting4drive with the idea of using ADAS vehicles to increase the security of payments.
One vehicle manufacturer is extending its existing portfolio of mobile online services with a new generation.
One automotive supplier wants to validate the introduction of on-board electrical system components for the safety-related requirements of highly automated driving.
A consortium consisting of Siemens, IAV, HHV, and the City of Hamburg wants to pilot flexible local public transport concepts with autonomous shuttle buses for HafenCity.