Tapping markets

Under the aspect of profitable growth, we analyze and assess existing and newly forming market potentials. Our combined understanding of customer needs and technology drivers provides you with the key to quickly reaping business success – worldwide.

Customers. Markets. Partnerships.
We make innovations a success.
Market / Customer Needs
Classic primary surveys, analyzing market potential and customer segmentation approaches are leading to a forecasting quality that is increasingly lacking precision.

Digitization and globalization are making it more and more necessary to parallelize market roll-out activities.

Customer needs are rapidly changing, triggered by the digitization of society and increasing transparency in the purchase decision-making phase.

Increasingly, today’s supply / service chain that supports customers in the automotive industry is being pushed to its limits in terms of scalability and effectiveness.
Service Components (Excerpt)

  • “Big picture” market drivers and customer needs
  • Assessment of market and competitive environment for positioning new products and solutions
  • Defining potential sales volume and price scenarios
  • Customer and expert surveys
  • Concepts for launching innovative technologies and services on the market
  • Technical consulting (here: market analysis)
  • Innovative sales and service concepts in the digital age
  • Price and positioning strategy in the field of competition


Methods (Excerpt)

  • Integrated approach to describing and evaluating markets
  • Estimating market potentials and defining market scenarios
  • Product life cycle analyses
  • Multi-brand management
  • Quality profiles for benchmarking engineering and services / processes
  • Requirements management
  • Price strategy and pricing methods
  • Methods for surveying customers / experts, including “product clinics”
  • Sales / service analyses (including “moments of truth”)
  • Focus on market expertise and models for cooperation between manufacturer / retailer / customer