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Just While Driving

You know the feeling, you are sitting in the car and time just flashes by, while commuting to work, running errands or driving the kids to and from their recreational activities. In everyday life, time is scarce. That’s why many try and manage their daily routine while they are in the car: reading e-mails, making phone calls, ordering food, checking in for the next flight or reserving movie tickets. That’s very dangerous out on the road – we have the answer!

Almost all automobile manufacturers have realized that the answer to this danger lies in autonomous vehicles. In future they will make our lives much easier. There’s a catch, though. It will be a long time before we can speak of autonomous driving as a mass phenomenon and of manufacturing readiness. But even today, how can we use our time in the car responsibly, safely and efficiently? Can you imagine fulfilling spontaneous and long-cherished wishes while you are driving, without making detours, losing time and having to get your wallet or purse out?

The car will become our mobile couch! We all know the situation: we browse or look for something specific on the Internet and fill shopping carts – most of the time, we don’t click “Order” but put products on wish lists. In future, while we are driving in the car, it will tell us where we can fulfill our wishes while we are out and about. Customers and local dealerships will be intelligently paired so that products and services can be conveniently purchased “while driving past” and matters that need attending to are no longer forgotten. Besides the local dealerships, OEMs too will for the first time be provided with a direct and extremely attractive channel to their customers. Through the MarketPlace, for example, they can advertise special promotions or remind vehicle users of forthcoming service inspections.

Just while driving: As the IAV Group’s consulting company, we work together with IAV and Concardis on how to make transactions in the future secure and easy while driving and go shopping without making detours and losing time. Concardis is one of the leading payment service providers in Europe. With over 30 years of experience in payment transactions, the company offers intelligent answers to the broad demands of a modern cashless payment process. Join us on a journey through tomorrow’s digital mobility.

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