Automotive engineering for the digital age

A myth buster approach to the 24 month engineering process (PEP): In a 'big picture' illustration and in one comprehensive video of 13 minutes and 40 seconds, we answer the question of whether it makes sense to cut in half the time it takes to develop a mass production vehicle.

Myth Buster 24 Month PEP Time to Market Engineering medium

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For specific use, we also provide this content in five individual chapter videos of 2-3 minutes for easy use and consumption.

All textual content, illustrations and videos are public license, so feel free to use and distribute it at your convenience. 

Video – Part 1: Customer expectation regarding automobility in the digital era

Video – Part 2: Today’s engineering time to market and the effect of cutting development times in half

Video – Part 3: Digital platform economy and an analytics based software development factory as the platform power plant

Video -Part 4: A retrofit friendly architecture for rolling devices and the business drivers behind it

Video – Part 5: 24 month PEP myth buster and the solution to “time to market” in the automobility industry


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