Speeding up Innovation

We help manufacturers, suppliers and companies in the mobility industry to integrate market-relevant innovations and high-potential technologies into their business model – thereby strengthening their competitive edge and boosting their business success.

Products, Solutions, Business Models.

We get innovations off the ground.

Market / Customer Needs

The digital revolution is changing our society at an ever-faster pace. This has a tremendous effect on the expectations of commercial and private costumers.

Our work in “digital transformation” has a strong focus on putting new and exiting solution fragments in context, so that they become part of the overall mobility eco-system. While no brand so fast has created sufficient impact to form their own eco-system, they do have the ability to initiate tremendous change and progress with their solutions, as well as products.

Examples for our contribution to this strategy transformation are:

Our Consulting Offerings (Excerpt)

Methods (Excerpt)

  • Corporate strategy transformation with focus on “disruption”
  • “Big picture” and creating innovation maps
  • Steering portfolios across brands and product groups
  • Paradigm analysis
  • Launching programs for agile / iterative multi-project change initiatives
  • Market-relevant innovations and disruptive approaches