Optimizing costs

Using our market expertise and the methods of IAV Cost Engineering, we can guarantee lasting optimization in product development, procurement and production.

Transparency. Steering. Quality.

We make products and processes efficient.
Market / Customer Needs

Price competition on the market leads to cost pressure in the producer / supplier chain; constant optimization of component, process and system costs in the value chain has top priority.

SoP (start of production) often focuses on timely manufacturing readiness – total costs must be reduced by 15% to 25% over the life cycle.

The digitization of all value chain aspects in our industry will provide new cost-cutting potential and the capability of structuring entire process chains more effectively and efficiently.

Digitization also provides new opportunities for ensuring process and component quality – significantly reducing the costs of non-quality as well as cutting unit costs for preventive quality measures.
Service Components (Excerpt)

  • Analyses of component, system and process costs
  • Benchmarking and best practice, across all segments
  • Engineering technical alternatives
  • Value flow analyses and optimization
  • Digital restructuring of development processes and sub-processes
  • Digital restructuring of quality processes

Methods (Excerpt)

  • IAV cost engineering: material cost analyses, databases, comparison costings
  • Value flow analyses and mapping
  • Setting up and organizing continual improvement processes
  • Enhancing system costs, supplier management
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Digital value chain analysis and value engineering
  • Technical cost consulting
  • Focus on the methods of IAV cost engineering and digital cost-cutting leverage