High-performance research & development

Greater effectiveness and efficiency: This is the key to high-performance research and development. To identify the right levers for boosting efficiency and for implementing measures that produce the greatest effect, we draw on the wealth of experience gathered from decades of implementing efficiency programs and development work by IAV, our technology partner.

Processes. Tools. Technologies. For High-Performance Research and Development.

We advise and provide businesses with support in boosting the effectiveness and efficiency of their organizational structures in research, advance engineering and development to the level of manufacturing readiness.

In meeting today’s challenges, the automotive OEMs and component suppliers regularly launch efficiency programs which must also receive input from product developers.

Key action fields include:

  • The growing complexity of hardware, software and their interaction is demanding improvements to existing methods and tools or the development of new ones.
  • Virtual technologies, like those for validating or learning from field data, are enhancing development efficiency and altering existing processes and methods.
  • Agile or hybrid development processes, management concepts and forms of organization are giving development organization structures the speed and flexibility they increasingly need for taking action.

Our Service Portfolio

Product-focused and client-oriented, our experienced consultants analyze your product development activity and assess approaches for optimization. Optionally or if necessary, the engineers from IAV assist us here with the necessary expertise, e.g. in powertrain technology. The aim is to show individual potentials and define fields of action for boosting performance.

R&D digitization, in particular, opens up tremendous opportunities for enhancing flexibility, cutting development times and, above all, bringing down costs, preferably by avoiding the need for prototypes.
Consistently providing implementation support, we assist you with your organization in connection with present and future challenges and enable you to overcome them proactively.

Methods and Approaches (Excerpt)

  • Optimizing the use of virtual development methods
  • Learning from field data
  • Reducing the use of hardware in testing (test mules, prototypes etc.)

Analyzing current efficiency and action fields in R&D you can also find out more in our publications or contact us direct. We look forward to talking to you!


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