Boosting performance

Our expertise and methods let our customers use existing resources to handle up to 20% more projects while achieving time savings of up to 25% and / or benefiting from cost savings running into the millions – on time, well-structured and in high quality.

Processes. Tools. Technologies.

We advise and help businesses in boosting their effectiveness and efficiency.
Focus on Changed Market / Customer Needs

Besides the classic drivers, such as changing markets and customer needs, cost pressure, greater complexity or growing functionality, other demands resulting, for example, from increasing connectivity, (semi-)automated driving or new competitors, are presenting automobile developers with huge challenges. At the same time, advanced digital tools and methods are making it possible to launch automotive products in an ever shorter time.

The internationalization of the automotive value chain not least demands new global cooperation models beyond company boundaries as well as a substantial change in organizational structures.

The understanding we have of products and technology through IAV leaves us to concentrate on the core areas of research and development as well as sales and service, and lets us give you our expertise for boosting your efficiency with lasting effect and for overcoming today’s challenges.

Our consulting lineup for boosting performance:

Research & Development

Analyzing and assessing R&D organizational structures, overseeing efficiency programs, defining concepts and boosting the performance of global development consortia, planning and setting up regional R&D centers, virtual product development. This is where you will find further details on our consulting lineup for “High-Performance Research and Development”.


Automating after-sales, efficiency in client processes, conclusively analyzing service and after-sales data. You will find further details on our pages covering the expertise we have in developing markets and speeding up innovation.


Tomorrow’s efficient sales processes, sales process automation through new technologies and channels. You will find further details on our pages covering the expertise we have in developing markets and speeding up innovation