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Business Consulting Technology Strategy

Business Consulting Technology Strategy

How can digitalization trends be transformed into value propositions and business cases along the technological process chain?

For more than 100 years, the German automotive industry and the even older elements of its overall value chain have been living from the values of inventiveness and entrepreneurship. Extensively designing future mobility for mankind with real value propositions instead of short-term hypes will remain its recipe for success. This necessitates smooth transition from vision to implementation and the effective interaction of the market, legislators, and technology. For us as experienced developers and automotive consultants, digitalization is intuitively anchored in this.

In keeping with our standards of premium development at IAV, we therefore supplement strategy with technological implementation and technical questions with the strategic framework as well as the storyline that all successful development requires.

We Provide Specific Answers to the Following Questions:

Where do suppliers and OEMS see themselves in the future value chain and development processes?
How do they develop new systems, products, and services on the basis of components?
How can the development organization also reflect its engineering excellence in top management decision-making processes?
What impact will the future drive mix have on current business models and portfolios?
How will life cycle management change and how will customer satisfaction become the focus of our drive in the 4.0 age?
How do we integrate the knowledge of our best developers into the automation of all future development processes?

Our Approach


We combine many years of development expertise from IAV and the leading OEMs with the realization that technical expertise alone is not enough to solve current challenges and satisfy customer requirements. It is only through the overall context of change and efficient consulting methods that we analyze the market, society and technologies in order to consistently accompany our customers' strategy processes from the vision to the proof of concept. We integrate technological enablers of tomorrow's mobility and fill trend terms with content.


Alongside our methodological expertise in classical consulting, we bring implementation strength and IAV's development experience to every project. With our proven and systematic approach to technology consulting, we help you to benefit from the market opportunities of a rapidly changing industry through new components, systems and services. As engineers, we think in a technology-open, cross-disciplinary way and combine our knowledge of the automotive industry with our project and practical experience to develop new mobility services and technologies for sustainable success.

Market Understanding

The vehicle is already part of the mobility ecosystem. Without links to other areas of life, this ecosystem will not ensure the success of companies in the future. From today's point of view, relying on singular solutions will be more expensive in the long term than keeping various solutions in stock. For the development of future business models, new cooperation and organization models will be created beyond rigid development departments and purchasing. The processes that we have mastered today will be consistently and thoroughly automated. Tools for this, Machine Learning and AI, will increase efficiency enormously.

We Have Already Achieved a Great Deal in These Projects

consulting4drive based on specific examples.

An automotive service provider contacted consulting4drive with the idea of using ADAS vehicles to increase the security of payments.
One vehicle manufacturer is extending its existing portfolio of mobile online services with a new generation.
One automotive supplier wants to validate the introduction of on-board electrical system components for the safety-related requirements of highly automated driving.
A consortium consisting of Siemens, IAV, HHV, and the City of Hamburg wants to pilot flexible local public transport concepts with autonomous shuttle buses for HafenCity.