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Business Consulting New Vehicles

Business Consulting New Vehicles

How must we evolve existing vehicle concepts and design new vehicle concepts to offer vehicle owners and shared mobility users considerably more added value?

  • Vehicles for shared mobility or highly automated driving require characteristics that are completely different from those of the vehicles already on the road today.
  • These differences are very varied and can take the form of deviating material specifications, component designs, maintenance requirements or changed operating parameters. The individual discussion does not always result in a positive business case.
  • Together with our experienced colleagues at IAV, we have developed a systematic procedure which allows us to derive, assess, and simulate all of these characteristics and requirements down to the last detail together with you. This enables you to make overall concept decisions that are both customer-oriented and profitable.

We Provide Specific Answers to the Following Questions:

What form do the project structure and cooperation models for developing and producing new vehicles take?
Which vehicles are to be included in the portfolio and what are the areas of application, requirements, characteristics, and use cases?
How can I increase productivity when developing new vehicles?
How can development, production, and operating costs for new vehicles be reduced?
Which digital business models concerning the new vehicle can be implemented profitably?

Our Approach


In order to define the characteristics and requirements for new vehicles, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the application scenarios, market parameters, series technologies, as well as approval and maintenance requirements. We bring the experience from a large number of worldwide development projects to the solution of your task:

For passenger cars, commercial vehicles, buses, shared and individual mobility.


Especially in the early phase of vehicle development, it requires the disciplined application of a wide range of methods and systematically integrated tools. We apply the most successful approaches for brand or product positioning, property description, requirements management and target value control to guarantee maximum quality of results in the shortest possible time.

Market Understanding

Data only becomes information through context. With this in mind, we continuously analyze market conditions, changes in customer needs, competitor activities, and technology and solution trends. In this way, your new vehicles have the highest chance of successfully entering the market and asserting themselves against the competition right from the start.

We Have Already Achieved a Great Deal in These Projects

consulting4drive based on specific examples.

An automotive service provider contacted consulting4drive with the idea of using ADAS vehicles to increase the security of payments.
One vehicle manufacturer is extending its existing portfolio of mobile online services with a new generation.
One automotive supplier wants to validate the introduction of on-board electrical system components for the safety-related requirements of highly automated driving.
A consortium consisting of Siemens, IAV, HHV, and the City of Hamburg wants to pilot flexible local public transport concepts with autonomous shuttle buses for HafenCity.